Hello and thank you for your interest in Pelican Poboys. We are a mobile kitchen specializing in special events and catering. Pelican started in March of 2015 based out of Oakland, California. When I started this business, it was my vision to represent my home state of Louisiana with the flavor profiles that identify southern cooking while staying pure to using quality ingredients that can speak for themselves. Everything I make is created from scratch utilizing the bounty of ingredients that are easily available here in the Bay Area. I personally shop for all my food and prepare everything myself fresh daily. The menu does change frequently and remains seasonal through the year. The Poboys made on my truck are not the typical ones you would find in New Orleans. I don’t deep fry anything. The food has the flavors of southeast Louisiana with a cleaner, lighter style without compromising the hearty quality of a good meal. Aside from the sandwiches, you will find a few traditional dishes on the menu such as Red Beans and Rice with hamhock and andouille, and Jambalaya prepared the Louisiana way. If you catch us at the right time, you may find Gumbo on the menu, but it is not a daily item. I love this business, and I love good food. It is so rewarding to bring a contribution to the table so to speak. Please check us out. You can find Pelican Poboys on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see posts about our whereabouts each day. We get around and look forward to coming to your town or special event.

Thank you so much for your interest!!

Committed to quality and excellence,

Jack Nugent